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History of Sikh Welfare Society Malaysia

The Sikh Welfare Society Malaysia (Persatuan Kebajikan Sikh Malaysia [PPM 69/80]) was founded by the late Dato’ Dr Keshmahinder Singh in 1980. The sole objective of forming this Society was to look after the welfare of less fortunate members of the Sikh community in Malaysia by providing financial aid to assist needy families to stand on their own feet in our multiracial country.

In the early stages, the society only helped a handful of about 7 or 8 families who were referred to us by their neighbors or nearby temples. We offered aid in form of cash, food rations and other necessities and assisted applicants to use their skills to earn an income – e.g. teaching basic Punjabi or the 3Rs to small children, cooking, manual jobs, provided women who could sew with sewing machines etc. Then, as the cases increased and needs became more severe, we held fund-raising events (High-Teas, Mother’s Day Dinners, Religious programmes) to raise money so that we could help more effectively. Over a period of about thirty years since the Society came into existence, we have aided over 300 families.

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